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Globalization and Translocal Mobilities

Within the thematic focus "Globalization and Translocal Mobilities" particular attention is given to processes of globalization and to connected dynamics of translocal mobility. At our department, defining identities and translocality are key themes of study and research. Especially, the historic dimension of current developments is considered. 

We understand translocal mobilities as a bandwidth of mobility patterns of transnational and transcontinental migration as well as migration from the countryside. Spatial and social mobilites are considered, too.

Globalization and Translocal Mobilities in the B.A. and M.A. Degree Programs

We offer a theoretic and empiric education that ideally prepares for challenges of current problems. Students shall gain a critical approach on relevant socio-political concepts and issues as well as a better understanding of the complexity of migration processes. In order to do so, the subject matters of the thematic focus take place on all levels of study. 

In the B.A. program the thematic focus is included in the specialization module 3 +4 (AM 3 + 4).

In the M.A. program it is integrated in the focal module "Globalization and Translocal Mobilites" (SM 3). The thematic focus acts within the thematic framework of the excellence initiative and the Global South Studies Center (GSSC).

Topics within the Thematic Focus "Globalization and Translocal Mobilities"

The persons involved can decide on and act in a variety of social, economic, religious and political networks. They represent the research basis. We include approaches and perspectives on mobility and respectively on immobility. Even though translocal migration plays a role in many societies, not all persons are equally mobile.

Practices and Norms of Sociability

The research focuses on the organization and transformation of practices and norms that are represented in translocal social networks. Disruptions and continuities are likewise of interest.

Identity, Belonging, and Citizenship

The concepts and dynamic processes of identity, belonging, and citizenship in context of translocal migration is another key aspect. Political and juridical frameworks are considered.  

Diaspora, Migration, and Development

The issues diaspora, migration, and development is the third key aspect. In the center of analysis are concerns and scopes of action of persons involved on different levels (e.g. state player and migrant organizations) in translocal spaces.