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The databases can be accessed campus-wide.

Article Databases (Selection)


AnthroSource was developed by the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and offers full-text access to 32 publications of the AAA.

In large part, journals are available in full-text from the first release date on.

Academic Search Complete (via EBSCO-HOST)

Interdisciplinary EBSCOhost database with more than 9,000 full-text journals of which 7,800 are peer reviewed. Additionally, the database contains abstracts to more than 13,800 journals. The full-text documents are offered as PDF and date back to the year 1887.

IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences)

The database contains over 3 million bibliographic references to monographies, journal articles and reviews since 1951. It covers more than 100 languages and countries. Over 2,800 journals are regularly evaluated.


Journals are registered since the first volume up to a 'moving wall' (depending on the title, 11 years before the current volume). The current volumes of each journal can partially be accessed via JSTORs Current Scholarship Program.

OLC-SSG Ethnologie (Online Contents Sondersammelgebiete) 

The database makes available table of contents of anthropological journals for 1993 and onwards. The database doesn’t contain abstracts, but location and online-access to the full text and location can be checked.

Web of Science/Social Sciences Citation Index

Article database with more than 3.45 million title references from all fields of the humanities including social medicine and psychology. The database evaluates about 2,500 socio-scientific journals from over 50 disciplines and contains all relevant articles from an additional 3,300 medical and natural scientific periodicals.

Ethnographic Films

Ethnographic Video Online, Volume I

Over 1,300 hours of ethnographic video material including English transcription. The database contains mainly ethnographic films, fieldwork films and documentary from all over the world. The films are mainly in English, including films by the BBC and the non-profit organization Documentary Educational Resources (DER).