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Culture and Environment in Africa Series

Editor: Michael Bollig

ISSN: 2194-1556

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Albertus Magnus Platz, D 50923 Köln
Email: michael.bollig@uni-koeln.de

Volume 10

Sowa, Katrin: Street-level bureaucrats and passport networking : practices of immigration law enforcement in Northern Uganda. 2017.

Volume 9

Kingenyi, Joel: Coping with resource extinction: the case of medicinal plants in Kawete village, Iganga district, Uganda. 2016.

Volume 8

Kempen, Jonathan H. M.: "Sharing is over!" : a case study on sharing norms in the Namibian resettlement projects of Skoonheid and Drimopsis. 2016.

Volume 7

Olwage, Elsemi:  "Growing together": the politics of knowing and creating an urban commons in Cape Town, South Africa. 2015.

Volume 6

Lembcke, Leonardo: Social-Ecological Change and Migration in South-East Lake Naivasha, Kenya. 2015.

Volume 5

Silangwa, Florian Sanya Chisawani: Migration and demographic changes : Its implications on land transformation and changing socio-economic development in the Lake Eyasi Basin in Karatu District, Tanzania. 2014.

Volume 4

Mwaka, Innocent: Bee-keeping and Honey Production as alternative Livelihood Strategies among the Pokot of Baringo County, Kenya. 2014.

Volume 3

Okumu, Willis: Trans-local Peace Building among Pastoralist Communities in Kenya : The Case of Laikipi Peace Caravan. 2013.

Volume 2

Kioko, Eric Mutisya: Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at Lake Naivasha, Kenya : a Case Study of Kasarani Village. 2012.

Volume 1

Gwasira, Goodman: A Rare Combination of Engravings and Paintings in the Dome Gorge, Daureb / Brandberg : a potential core element for World Heritage Status. 2011.