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Start of Master Social and Cultural Anthropology

Advisory Service on Starting the Master Social and Cultural Anthropology (SCA)  |  Winter 2022-23

In this digital meeting we present more about the thematic and regional research and teaching foci of Cologne Social and Cultural Anthropology (SCA). We are going to introduce you to the staff of our department and explain in detail the structure of the Master's programme. And of course we will answer any of your questions about studying Master SCA in Cologne.

Please register in advance for our Zoom-meeting here:


and join us then on Zoom at 21.09.2022 at 10:00 am.

Meet & Greet - Lecturer and All Students of Master Social & Cultural Anthropology | Winter 2022-23

Here we present the different options for organising your Master's degree in a research-oriented way and, for example, preparing and conducting your own fieldwork. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with fellow students and lecturers.

in person: Mo 10.Oct .2022 at  2 pm in  the Department Library,  Main Building, BT6 (Albertus Magnus Platz)

Meet & Greet Programme (preliminary), moderated by Dr. Christoph Lange

  1. Modifications in the Master's Curriculum and Admission Regulations (valid since winter semester 22/23)
  2. (Field) Research Practice and Summer Schools Starting in Summer 2023: Summer School Vietnam (Prof. Kurfürst and Dr. Fuhrmann), Ethnography on your Doorstep (Prof. Kurfürst),
  3. Graduate Schools: Graduiertenkolleg Anschließen - Ausschließen (Prof. Kurfürst) & a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School (Dr. Lange)
  4. Ongoing Research Projects of Prof'es Bollig, Brandstädter, Pelican, Zillinger