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Dr. Simon Holdermann

Short Biography

Simon Holdermann studied social and cultural anthropology at the University of Münster and the University of Cologne, with semesters abroad at Uppsala University, Sweden, and the University of California, Berkeley, USA. As a research associate at the Collaborative Research Center 1187 »Media of Cooperation« at the University of Siegen, he conducted his doctoral research in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The results of this research have recently been published as Guides of the Atlas (2023) with transcript. With a regional focus on North Africa and the Mediterranean, his research interests are in the anthropology of media and technology.


Holdermann, Simon (2023): Guides of the Atlas: An Ethnography of Publicness, Transnational Cooperation and Mountain Tourism in Morocco. Bielefeld: transcript.

Rüller, Sarah; Aal, Konstantin; Holdermann, Simon; Tolmie, Peter; Hartmann, Andrea; Rohde, Markus; Zillinger, Martin; Wulf, Volker (2022): ’Technology is Everywhere, we have the Opportunity to Learn it in the Valley’: The Appropriation of a Socio-Technical Enabling Infrastructure in the Moroccan High Atlas. In: Computer Supported Cooperative Work 31, S. 197-236.

Holdermann, Simon (2021): Digital Hospitality: Trail Running and Technology in the Moroccan High Atlas. In: Zeitschrift für Ethnologie | Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology 146 (1-2), Special Issue “Rethinking the Mediterranean”, S. 27-52.

Holdermann, Simon; Lange, Christoph; Schäuble, Michaela; Zillinger, Martin (2020): Rethinking the Mediterranean: Extending the Anthropological Laboratory Across Nested Mediterranean Zones. In: Zeitschrift für Ethnologie | Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology 145 (2), Special Issue “Rethinking the Mediterranean”, S. 175-196.

Holdermann, Simon; Aal, Konstantin (2019): Wie dekolonial kann Kooperation sein? Kritische Anmerkungen zu IKT-Interventionen im ‚Globalen Süden‘. In: TATuP – Zeitschrift für Technikfolgenabschätzung in Theorie und Praxis 28 (2), S. 17‒22.