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Semester Courses

Course programmes as download

Please check the download version with the current version in KLIPS 2.0. Only the online version shows current changes.


The academic calendar of events is presented at the online platform Cologne Teaching, Information and Assessment Service (KLIPS 2.0).

Further information about KLIPS 2.0 can be found at Campusmanagement.

KLIPS 2.0 Registration-Dates

Summer Term 2021

1. Belegungsphase / First Allocation Period

The first allocation phase for courses during the summer term is running from 03.02.2021 to 16.02.2021.

Release of the results: 26.02.2021.

2. Belegungsphase / Second Allocation Period

The second allocation phase for courses is running from 05.03. to 24.03.2021.

Release of the results: 07.04.2021.

3. Belegungsphase / Third Allocation Period

The third allocation phase for courses is running from 08.04.2021 to 11.07.2021

If you did not receive a place in your preferred course after the second allocation phase, and if you did not register a Course Place Request (Belegwunsch):

  • Please register your course place request in KLIPS in the 3rd allocation phase, inform the lecturer about your course request. Your request has to be confirmed manually by the lecturer as a fixed place (Fixplatz).