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Student Association for Social and Cultural Anthropology

Student associations at the University of Cologne generally embrace all students of an institute, a faculty or a department. As in most of Germany’s other federal states, membership of a student association in North Rhine-Westphalia follows automatically upon a student’s university enrolment. Students of Cultural and Social Anthropology are therefore simultaneously members of the Cultural and Social Anthropology Student Association and may lend their support to the Association’s work.

What are the Activities of the Student Association and its Council?

We meet regularly to discuss topical concerns and any problems. Monthly, we attend the student association meetings of the Arts and Humanities Faculty at which student causes are presented and discussed. In addition, we attend the board meetings of the department to engage directly with the staff and head of the department. The Association is thus an important mediator between students and university instructors.

Every winter semester, moreover, we offer orientation units for freshmen to help them get started in the daily life of university. We organize wide-ranging activities including excursions, parties, movie nights and reading groups.

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