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Human organization in primary social associations and political structures constitute the basis of social coexistence. Therefore, Socioeconomics is a major module of the research activities and study programs at the department.

Socioeconomics in the B.A. and M.A. Degree Program

Many of the topics discussed in the major module "Socioeconomics" focus on central challenges of humanity for which there is a need for intercultural expertise. Within the scope of this module, you will learn to make scientifically sound assessments and decisions, taking ethical knowledge into account.

In the B.A. degree program, you will be taught the basics of socioeconomics through regular events from the subject area of this module.

In the M.A. degree program, this basic knowledge will be systematically further developed within the frame of major module "Socioeconomics and Human-Environment Relations" (SM1, "Schwerpunktmodul"). Innovative e-learning courses support self-study.

The deepened discussion with socioeconomics trains you in the development of problem-solving strategies in multidisciplinary topics.

Topics in Socioeconomics

The range of topics in this module contain the regional and global embedding of economic and social systems. Interdependencies of spatial and social orders in rural areas as well as in the urban environment are analyzed and classified. Constructions of ethnic and religious difference, power structures, conflicts and the regulation of gender relations in post-colonial and modern states, interactions of fundamentalism and society are further focal points.

You gain sound insight into the following areas, which are examined at both local and transnational levels:

  • Theory of collective resources
  • Information economy
  • New institutional economics
  • Political economy
  • Theories of modern consumer culture
  • Social anthropological perspectives on the interdependence between family power structures and society organization of social differences
  • Vulnerability of actors and groups of actors