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Prof. Martin Rössler as your PhD Supervisor

My research focuses on economic, social and political anthropology, the anthropology of space and identity research; In particular, I am engaged in this framework with Islamic societies of the insular Southeast Asia. I have been doing field research in Indonesia for several years, especially in Sulawesi. Locally, I am interested in the entire Indo-Pacific region. In addition to the listed topics, I also represent a broad spectrum of anthropological theories. I have also supervised a number of projects on human-environment relations, the economy of the home, migration and political conflicts in Morocco, Chad and Uganda, as well as the dissertations resulting from them.

My doctoral students should have an above-average qualification and submit a project idea in written form. From my point of view, they should continue to work empirically, have local language competencies, and apply a well-founded methodology. I supervise doctoral theses with a focus on the mentioned regions and content areas.

Supervised Habilitations and Dissertations


Vobis, Gerda
Sozioökonomische Strategien in Zentraljava, Indonesien

Wesch, Ulrike
Die Friedensinitiativen der Acholi-Diaspora Großbritanniens für das Peace-Building in Nord-Uganda

Recently Finished Dissertations:

Grumblies, Anna
(De-)Constructing Marginality: Being Wana in between the Upland-Lowland Gap, Central-Sulawesi, Indonesia. 2016

Janszky, Babett
Überleben an Grenzen. Haushaltsökonomie und risikominimierende Strategien bei den Tama (Tschad). 2014

Meerpohl, Meike
Kamele und Zucker – Transsahara-Handel zwischen Tschad und Libyen. 2009

Rademacher, Christina
Gehen, damit andere bleiben können? Migration, Geschlecht und sozio-ökonomischer Wandel in einem südmarokkanischen Oasendorf. 2009

Stolz, Rosalie
Kinship and Sociality among the Khmu Yuan of Northwestern Laos


Widlok, Thomas
Needs and Virtues: An Anthropological Exploration of the Relationship between Morality and Necessity. 2004

Brumann, Christoph
A Right to the Past: Tradition, Democracy, and the Townscape in Contemporary Kyoto. 2005