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Dr. Souleymane Diallo

Short Biography

Souleymane Diallo earned his PhD in socio-cultural anthropology from the University of Cologne. His research interests and teaching include forceful migrations and memory politics; Media Anthropology; Islam, Spiritual authority, and power in the Sahara; and the theory and practice of anthropological filmmaking.

Courses and Seminars

SoSe 2017: Islam, Spiritul Authority, and Regional Connectivity in West Africa, Sahara.


Diallo, Souleymane. 2016. "We must all go to the Hangar": Performing Bellah group membership in the refugee camp in Abala, Niger. Performances of Belonging, Difference, and Exclusion in Muslim Africa. Journal for Islamic Studies, No. 35, 43-69.

Schulz, Dorothea; Souleymane Diallo. 2016. Competing assertions of Muslim masculinity in contemporary Mali. In the Journal of Religion in Africa, No.46, 219-50.

Films, Filmfestivals and Awards

2006 Soveilg & Kristoffer, 15 min. (codirector).

2008 Echagh (the Well), 32 min.

2011 Days of Ethnographic Film, Slovenia.

2010 V. Moscou International Festival and Scholarly Conference of Visual
Anthropology (First Price of debut competition).

2009 International Festival of Jean Rouch, 28th Bilan of Ethnographic Film, Paris 2009 International Festival of Niamina Sory (Niamina, Bamako).